TrackerBox Previous Version Release Notes

Download Version 1.0.73

  • Supports latest Barnes & Noble Press changes
  • Fixes an issue with Kobo reports caused by Kobo appending Overdrive information to the title.
    Note: The fix removes the overdrive information from Kobo Overdrive records and creates a "Kobo: Overdrive" vendor for them. If you have records with Overdrive data in your titles, it will change those titles and reset the vendor to that "Kobo: Overdrive" vendor.
  • Adds support for Spanish language reports from KDP

Download Version 1.0.72

  • Supports latest changes to Apple reports
  • Supports latest changes to ACX reports
  • Fixed a bug with Smashwords importing that would report income for refunded books. This goes back to the beginning. Importing your smashwords reports again will update the appropriate records.
  • Fixed a bug with Lightning Source importer that swapped the refunded and net units numbers for an older (2013 era) style report.

Download Version 1.0.71

  • Supports latest changes to Apple reports

Download Version 1.0.70

  • Supports latest changes to ACX reports
  • Supports latest changes to Smashwords quarterly/payment reports

Download Version 1.0.69

  • Supports latest changes to Barnes & Noble Press reports. Supports only the Monthly sales report.

Download Version 1.0.68

  • Updated to support NOOK Press name change. NOOK Press: US vendor has been changed to "Barnes & Noble Press", and the new file format imports. All Nook Press: US imports will carry that name. Any old NOOK Press: UK sales will reamin as they were with the Nook Press: UK vendor name.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the KDP Legacy format to not import.
  • Fixed a bug in the pronoun importer that caused them to fail for users using non-english languages.
  • Fixed a bug in the xlsx importer that caused some Pages Read values to not be read correctly, resulting in large negative numbers.
  • Add Author button on the Reconcile Title dialog is now enabled whenever the author list is set to the first item, which reads "Add or Select an Author".

Download Version 1.0.67

  • Added support for KoboPlus reports (the transactions show as Borrows)
  • Added support for ACX Bounties
  • Added new Bounty transaction type
  • Fixed a bug that would warn you that Amazon KENP royalties weren't finalized, even if you didn't have any pages read.

Download Version 1.0.66

  • Added support for latest Pronoun XLSX files. Earlier file formats are not supported.
  • Added support for Streetlib Billing reports.
  • Added support for IngramSpark electronic sales report.

Download Version 1.0.65

  • Added Filter Sets to allow for storing frequently used filter settings. See the help file for more information.
  • Added printing support for the reports and charts.

Download Version 1.0.64

  • *IMPORTANT* Fixed a bug in how Net Units Sold are calculated in some reports when you have returns. This affects the new Amazon reports, and may affect other reports where returns and units refunded are reported in separate columns on the same row while having multiple rows for the same title on the same date (yes, it's a lot of conditions to make it happen). Reimporting affected reports with this udate (you do not need to delete any data), will result in the correct Net Sales data. You can find where you might have a problem by opening the Detail report, sorting by Units Refunded, and verifying that Units Sold minus Units Refunded equals Net Units Sold. If they don't match, you "might" have a problem with that record, and should try to reimport the file for that record.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain Lulu reports from importing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused TrackerBox format files to fail to import if it had more columns than required, even if those columns were empty.

Download Version 1.0.63

  • Supports the latest file format from Amazon - note that you will still need to wait until the middle of the month before KENP income will be available. TrackerBox will not import pages read until the income is available. Reports from non-english speaking KDP portals are not yet supported. If you use one of these portals, please send me a copy of one of your reports and I will get them supported as soon as possible.
  • Supports the latest BundleRabbit file format.
  • Supports the latest file format from Lightning Source
  • Fixed an issue that left the author field on the Reconciliation form disabled, making it impossible to add certain titles.

Download Version 1.0.62

  • Fixed an issue with decimal conversion on latest Amazon reports where it wouldn't convert the number if it had an exponent format.

Download Version 1.0.61

  • Fixed an issue with latest Amazon reports for people who use a non-US number format (comma for decimal point) where it would tell you you made 10 times the sales and 100 times the money.

Download Version 1.0.60

  • Fixed an issue where typing text into the alias box on the reconcile title dialog could cause the 'Add' button to be disabled, with no obvious way to get out of it. It will still be disabled, but now, selecting something from the list (including '(None)') will reenable the button
  • Support for latest changes to Kobo reports
  • Suuport for latest changes to Amazon Vendor Central reports

Download Version 1.0.59

  • Revamped the alias managers to make them easier to use, especially with large numbers of titles.
  • Fixed some bugs with the new KDP reports
  • Added support for recording Borrows and Pages Read in the TrackerBox Import format (you can use B or PR, respectively, in the format column to indicate those types of sales records).
  • Added support for the latest versions of the Smashwords Quarterly Reports.
  • New Title reconcile window now does a better job of guessing title aliases
  • New Title Reconcile Title Alias list now lets you type the first part of a name and provides suggestions
  • The author field on the New Title Reconcile window will now change to match the selected title alias if the author is not provided by the vendor report
  • New Title Reconcile Window now loads quicker (especially noticable with large numbers of authors and titles).
  • The Net Income column in the TrackerBox Imort Format sheet no longer requires that it be a numeric format. It may now also be a general string format.

Download Version 1.0.58

  • Updated to support the latest changes to the Amazon KDP reports
  • Added support for reports for those who access KDP through the German portal.

Download Version 1.0.57

  • Fixed an issue with Xinxii where it wouldn't recognize a comma as a decimal separator.
  • Fixed an issue with Kobo importing when a record has a blank net income field
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate records when importing the same sale twice (perhaps from an updated file) where the initial income was zero, and then became non-zero.

Download Version 1.0.56

  • Updated to support latest Smashwords yearly report change
  • Cut the close delay in the update popup in half (from 30 seconds to 15 seconds)

Download Version 1.0.55

  • Added support for Lulu csv sales files (not payments). You must select all of the options (don't bother to uncheck anything), to make sure all of the data is available.
  • Added support for XinXii csv sales reports. There may be issues. If you have trobule, please send the offending report to the support email address.
  • The home page Top Vendor chart now uses Vendor Aliases to combine vendors instead of the older method. This means it will reflect the vendor groupings you set up in the Vendor Alias tool.

Download Version 1.0.54

  • Fixed an issue that would hide records for the first vendor of a set of like vendors if Vendor Aliasing was turned on, but the vendors weren't aliased.

Download Version 1.0.53

  • Fixed an issue with the publisher importer that wouldn't accept a units sold value greater than 999.
  • TrackerBox now accepts the zip file from Apple's Payments and Financial Reports page. You no longer need to unzip it.

Download Version 1.0.52

  • Added Vendor Aliases. These work much like the author and title aliases, except that when you see a new vendor, the new vendor will not be automatically aliased. You will have to use the Vendor Alias Manager to alias them. There is a button there that will set up defaults (the upgrade path for this build uses this set of defaults), and if you like them, you can just go in and click that default button every time there's a new one. Otherwise, you can drag the new one on top of the existing root alias and it will be added to the group.
  • Drag and drop of items in the alias managers has been improved. You can now drag a root alias onto another alias, and all of it's children will be assigned. You can also drop an item in betwen two items that are children, and it will get added to the root alias. You can now also select multiple items and drag them where you wish.
  • Update for latest Smashwords Quarterly file changes
  • Fixed an exception when loading certain versions of amazon reports due to strange binary incompatibility issues (meaning that I don't know why it was happening, but I've fixed it).
  • Greatly improved report loading speed when dealing with large databases
  • Locked filter input while a report is loading. Prevents all kinds of weirdness
  • Fixed an issue with multi-month Google reports where the dates would report as 01/01/0001
  • Added support for BundleRabbit

Download Version 1.0.51

  • Updated to support changes to Draft2Digital report changes. This will create new editions for each title, because D2D now includes the ISBN, which they didn't before. Using title aliases will let you see them as a combined unit.

Download Version 1.0.50

  • Added a Transaction Type column to the Net Units Summary report.
  • Added a Transaction Type column to the Net Income Summary report.
  • Added additional "by month" reports for each of the transaction types so that you don't have to mess with the filter.
  • Added support for ACX reports. TrackerBox only supports ACX reports starting with November of 2014 (maybe a month or two earlier, but I can't be sure as I don't have copies of earlier reports to work with). This is Proceed With Caution support, as there may be variations of these reports that I have not seen, yet. If you have trouble with a file, please forward it to the email address.
  • Changed the word "Sales" in the report titles to "Units" to better reflect that the reports include more than just individual sales.
  • Fixed an issue with Google reports for people who live outside the US.
  • Fixed an issue that would not display Pages Read or Borrows if you also had Free (but not Sale) selected in the transaction type filter.
  • Fixed an issue with the Net Units Summary chart, where it would not replot properly when turning off Pages Read in the transaction type filter.
  • Removed the shading on the Net Units Summary and Net Income Summary charts in an effort to make the bars easier to differentiate when they are thin.
  • Income reports now no longer include free units in their output (you can still toggle them on if you want to see them in the Options filter).

Download Version 1.0.49

  • Fixed broken data exporting that I introduced in 1.0.48.
  • Added exporting of XLSX files.

Download Version 1.0.48

  • Added support for Kindle Unlimited Pages Read. These show as a new transaction type.
  • Added a selection box to the home page for the various transaction types.
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved memory usage
  • Added several themes
  • Updated existing themes - your theme may revert to the default theme on install, because some of the names have changed.
  • Changed the control used for the filter expansion, due to scrolling issues with the previous control.
  • Preferences dialog now opens in the center of the app window
  • Fixed an issue with the TrackerBox import format where entirely numeric Vendor IDs would fail to import correctly.
  • Added support for latest updates to the Smashwords Quarterly Report
  • Fixed an issue with Smashwords reporting of Scribd. Partial reads sometimes reported as a zero sale. They new report as a sale.
  • Report windows can now be dragged out of the app and onto other monitors
  • Fixed a line of text where TrackerBox thought it was StoryBox
  • Preferences panel now resizes

Download Version 1.0.47

  • Fixed an issue with one of the Nook Press importers that could result in the year of the date not being read correctly
  • Added support for non-US versions of Nook Press reports
  • Fixed an issue with the TrackerBox importer that caused some values to not be read when formatted in certain ways.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Nook Press US vendor to be listed as Nook Press USD. There may still be an issue with overseas sales (meaning UK), but I don't yet have any reports with sales to the UK to work with.

Download Version 1.0.46

  • Fixed an error in the imports that allowed blank author names
  • Fixed an error with imports of csv files that did not put a zero in front of a decimal amount (eg. ".74") that would cause the value to look like 74 instead of .74
  • Fixed an error in LSI imports that would add an initial space on a name if the only name for the author was a surname
  • Fixed an error in the way that authors were loaded into the Author filter that could sort some authors ahead of the "Any" option - causing records to not display.
  • Updated importer to work with latest changes to Smashwords Quarterly Reports

Download Version 1.0.45

This build fixes a bug introduced in 1.0.44 where limiting results by title could result in titles appearing other than the one selected. It also includes all the other stuff from 1.0.44.

Download Version 1.0.44

  • Updated Amazon importing to support changes for July 2014 reports (including KU support)
  • Records where Units Sold and Units Refunded are equal and have a Net Income value of zero will no longer be reported as Free
  • The Transaction Type column of the Detail Report will now split out Amazon transaction types into Free: Price Match, Free: Promotion, Sale: Matchbook, and Sale: Kindle Countdown in addition to the existing Sale and Free types.
  • Updated DriveThruFiction importing to match their latest changes.
  • Fixed TrackerBox Import Format importing so that it adds records for the same title from the same vendor on the same day together.
  • Fixed an issue that caused free downloads and sales to be lumped together if they have the same date. If you have this issue in your records, you can reimport the files that contain the original records and it will separate those into sales and free
  • Fixed an issue with ARE reports that caused an empty report (no sales) to not be recognized


Download Version 1.0.43

  • Fixed accounting of same day sales from Barnes & Noble sold through Smashwords. You will want to re-import your 2014 Smashwords sales if you use Smashwords to distribute through Barnes & Noble.
  • Fixed an issue with the latest Smashwords importer that caused refunds to be reported as a sale in certain cases.


Download Version 1.0.42

  • Fixed crash in legacy Smashwords importer (yearly reports 2013 & earlier)

Download Version 1.0.41

  • Updated All Romance Ebooks importer to support the latest changes
  • Updated Smashwords importer to support the latest changes
  • Changed the names of the Weekly and Monthly Apple reports to Weekly Sales and Monthly Earnings, respectively.
  • Updated the Apple Weekly Sales report importer to handle the latest changes
  • Added the ability to import Apple Monthly Sales reports (these are found with the Weekly Sales reports in the Sales and Trends section of iTunes Connect).
  • Made changes to the help file to better explain the differences between the different types of Apple reports

Download Version 1.0.40

  • Updated D2D import so it will support the full sales report that you can download from the website (CSV format)
  • Fixed the home page top ten so that it respects the Author Alias setting in the preferences
  • Updated Google eBooks report to use their new format. They changed the way they report the ISBN, so TrackerBox will see each of your titles as a new edition. You may need to use Title Aliases to match them up with their original titles.

Download Version 1.0.39

  • Updated to support latest changes to Lightning Source reports
  • Added a warning message when a TrackerBox import format file does not contain a value in the format column.
  • Updated Google eBook importer to support latest changes.
  • Improved handling of error when Apple .gz file is corrupted
  • Eliminated a problem that caused registered users to sometimes not be able to open the application if they switched date locales in their operating system
  • You can now multi-select rows in the reports. This allows for the deletion of multiple records at a time.
  • The chart tab on the reports is now the default (how it's supposed to be).
  • Added a "Importing" page to the Preferences. It is only active while a publisher file is loaded.
  • Added an option to choose which income column is used during Google imports. The option is presented during the first attempt to import Google results.

Download Version 1.0.38

  • Added support for the latest KDP report changes (October 2013 reports)
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow negative sales numbers to be entered from the Publisher Royalty Importer window.
  • Fixed an error message when files are locked by another program (like excel) when trying to save out a report
  • Added support for Amazon Vendor Central reports for Japan
  • Fixed an issue with Amazon Vendor Central reports and negative numbers

Download Version 1.0.37

  • Fixed an issue with Apple weekly reports that caused an exception message.
  • Fixed an issue with some Nook Press reports that caused an exception message.
  • Fixed an issue with the latest Kobo reports that could cause it to not read the last record in the file
  • Removed the auto run from the installer. It was causing issues with not being able to find files for people that installed under a non-admin user

Download Version 1.0.36

  • Addeed Google eBooks support (Transaction Detail report, only).
  • Fixed a problem where TrackerBox did not handle a summary row in CreateSpace files correctly (which caused an error message).
  • Fixed a problem where importing files saved in SCalc (you shouldn't do this except for TrackerBox Import Format) caused an exception error message instead of the expected "unsupported format" error.
  • Fixed issues with the Publisher Royalty importer where it would bug out if you had sales numbers in the thousands.
  • Made a change to the Nook Press Importer to fix a crash while loading some Nook Press reports. I don't know for sure if this fixes the problem as I didn't have access to the report
  • D2D imports now collect sales records from one vendor that have the same currency and the same date into a single record. Re-import your D2D reports to see if you have additional sales. (no need to delete records).
  • Fixed a problem with Nook Press failing to import when sales of a title exceed more than 1000 in a single day.
  • Trying to import a Draft2Digital Royalty report now results in a more informative error message.
  • Fixed date range filters so that they include the last day of the range

Version 1.0.35

  • Removed a dependency upon Microsoft VC 2010 runtimes. This makes the download smalle and fixes a problem where some machines would not start the software correctly.
  • Made the TrackerBox Format importer import files modified by Open Office SCalc
  • Fixed a problem where files modified by SCalc would fail to report an error.

Version 1.0.34

  • Added support for Nook Press
  • Fixed a problem with Kobo imports that appears to have occurred because Kobo didn't format the date column correctly in April for at least one person.
  • Fixed a problem with Kobo imports where it threw an error when Kobo did not supply the author name
  • Fixed a problem with Amazon Vendor Central imports that did not import all data. If you have a AVC report that did not import all of the data, go into the Detail Report of TrackerBox and delete all of the AVC records for that month, and then re-import the file. Not deleting first will result in duplicate records.
  • Fixed a problem with TrackerBox Import Format that will alert you if a cell in the Net Income column is blank. If you received no income for a sale and want to avoid the warning, place a zero in the cell instead of leaving it blank.

Version 1.0.33

  • Added Support for latest Amazon report change
  • Fixed a problem with pubit imports and UK sales (you may need to re-import older pubit spreadsheets if you have UK sales as they might not have been included. The best bet

Version 1.0.32

  • Added a new Start Page!
  • Fixed: Kobo Import no longer fails to record all sales when there are multiple sales of a title on the same day. Re-import your Kobo sales. You might be surprised.
  • Fixed: Creating a project now adds it to the most recently opened list
  • Fixed: Lightning Source imports from UK and US no longer overwrite each other's sales.
  • Changed: Lightning Source vendor name is now LS-United States. If you have sales records that were from the UK and get converted to this name, delete the records (right click on the record in the detail report and select delete), then re-import the UK LS file.
  • Fixed: Lightning Source UK imports now show using the proper currency
  • Fixed: Lightning Source records are now marked POD instead of Electronic
  • Fixed: Combine CreateSpace Channels menu item is now disabled when it should be

Version 1.0.31

  • Added: Support for Draft2Digital
  • Added: Toggle in Preferences for displaying currency codes instead of currency symbols for currency summaries on summary rows
  • Added: On 64bit systems, TrackerBox now runs in 64bit mode.
  • Changed: CreateSpace vendors are now separaed out by channel, giving you a better idea of where titles are selling
  • Fixed: CreateSpace royalties are now reported in the proper currency
  • Installer now installs to the proper directory on 64 bit computers
  • Installer now includes certain required dll's for machines that do not have them installed. This does not include the .Net runtimes or XP Service Pack 3 - those still need to be downloaded separately
  • Installer now attempts to close TrackerBox if TrackerBox is open

Version 1.0.30

  • Added: Support for Overdrive
  • Added: Support for a TrackerBox specific format that you can use to input sales in bulk quantities from unsupported vendors (or from personal hand sales).
  • Added: Support for Amazon Vendor Central (experimental)
  • Fixed: Problem that could cause strange issues when importing Smashwords Quarterly reports with titles that have commas in them
  • Updated the help file

Version 1.0.29

  • Added: Support for latest ARe (All Romance EBooks) report format
  • Added: Support for Smashwords Quarterly reports. WARNING! If you have been using the yearly reports, do NOT use the Quarterly reports or you will get duplicate entries unless the reports are from different accounts.
  • Added: A new filter that allows you to choose to see only sales, borrows, or free downloads, or any combination of the three.

Version 1.0.28

  • Added: Author Alias Manager for those cases when the author spelling is just a bit off between vendors
  • Added: Display Using Author Aliases option in preferences and in the Options filter panel
  • Changed: Bug reporting system urls have changed to
  • Fixed: Bug causing empty detail reports when the Kobo Writing Life report author field has co-authors
  • Fixed: An error that caused the importer to think a newer Smashwords report, saved from excel as a text file, was a valid smashwords report when it wasn't.
  • Fixed: Clicking the Display Using Title Alias checkbox on a report no longer changes the global setting
  • Changed: Moved Allow Reports To Open More Than Once checkbox to the General tab in Preferences
  • Fixed: Reports now get updated like they should when the preferences have changed
  • Fixed: Possible speed improvements on some reports when displaying using aliases on large data sets
  • Fixed: Reports no longer refresh more than one time when loading a report screen (performance improvement)
  • Fixed: Big performance improvents on loading/refreshing data when viewing reports that are grouped by the column headers
  • Changed: When a vendor report lists the author name, the Author List on the Reconcile Title dialog is now disabled. Use author aliases to set the right name if there are slight differences between author names of different vendors.

Version 1.0.27

  • Added: It is no longer necessary to decompress Apple sales reports before importing into TrackerBox.
  • Fixed: A bug that caused the "Combine Apple Vendors" right-click menu item on the home page to not be disabled properly when "Comine Related Vendors" is selected.
  • Changed: You can now open multiple copies of the same report. This allows you to set different filters (like This Year and Last Year) and then view the reports side by side by dragging the tab to a new position.
  • Fixed: The purchase link no longer links to an out of date (invalid) sales page
  • Fixed: Kobo imports where the system time is in the format Day/Month/Year now work correctly

Version 1.0.26

  • Added: Support for Apple iBookStore reports. You can choose to use either the weekly reports or the monthyly, but once you choose one, you can only use that one unless you restart your database.
  • Added: Dropdown selector to quickly select some common date ranges on the report views (similar to the dropdown on the home page). Choosing custom will let you pick custom dates.

Version 1.0.25

If you used a build prior to 1.0.20 and you never installed 1.0.20, please be sure you have your title aliases set correctly before installing this build. Aliases are used to tie the various versions of a title together in the case that you have changed titles, or the vendors have reported them differently. You can use the Alias Manger under the tools menu to do this. If you have not changed your titles at all, you may not need to worry about this.

  • Added: Preliminary support for Kobo Writing Life reports. THERE MAY BE DEMONS! (Especially if you have refunds - I'd like to see reports that have refunds in them, please).
  • Added: Support for latest Pubit report changes

Version 1.0.24

If you used a build prior to 1.0.20 and you never installed 1.0.20, please be sure you have your title aliases set correctly before installing this build. Aliases are used to tie the various versions of a title together in the case that you have changed titles, or the vendors have reported them differently. You can use the Alias Manger under the tools menu to do this. If you have not changed your titles at all, you may not need to worry about this.

  • Added: Support for latest versions of Smashwords spreadsheets

Version 1.0.23

If you used a build prior to 1.0.20 and you never installed 1.0.20, please be sure you have your title aliases set correctly before installing this build. Aliases are used to tie the various versions of a title together in the case that you have changed titles, or the vendors have reported them differently. You can use the Alias Manger under the tools menu to do this. If you have not changed your titles at all, you may not need to worry about this.

  • Fixed: Three errors when creating a database. They weren't critical, but are annoying.
  • Added: Lightning Source imports. Requires a .tsv generated by using the LSI supplied date ranges (Monthly). Custom date ranges are not supported.
  • Added: Ability to edit existing hand entered data by opening the detail report and right clicking the record you want to edit.
  • Added: Ability to delete existing sales records by opening the detail report and right clicking the record you want to delete.

Version 1.0.22

If you used a build prior to 1.0.20 and you never installed 1.0.20, please be sure you have your title aliases set correctly before installing this build. Aliases are used to tie the various versions of a title together in the case that you have changed titles, or the vendors have reported them differently. You can use the Alias Manger under the tools menu to do this. If you have not changed your titles at all, you may not need to worry about this.

  • Changed: All ISBN entries are now formatted either #-###-#####-# or ###-#-####-####-# depending upon the number of digits.
  • Fixed: Smashwords latest reports will no longer generate duplicates sales entries on import. If you find that you have duplicate smashwords sales entries from previous versions, you can either rebuild your database or contact me and I will help remove them.

Version 1.0.21

If you used a build prior to 1.0.20 and you never installed 1.0.20, please be sure you have your title aliases set correctly before installing this build. Aliases are used to tie the various versions of a title together in the case that you have changed titles, or the vendors have reported them differently. You can use the Alias Manger under the tools menu to do this. If you have not changed your titles at all, you may not need to worry about this.

  • Added: Right clicking the Top 10 Vendors on the home page will give you options to combine various vendors sales so that you can get a better overall picture. For instance, you can combine all Amazon outlets into a single data set, and all Barnes & Noble sales from PubIt and Smashwords into another single data set.
  • Fixed: Problem with CreateSpace import that would cause a minor variation to not import at all.

Version 1.0.20

Please be sure you have your title aliases set correctly before installing this build. Aliases are used to tie the various versions of a title together in the case that you have changed titles, or the vendors have reported them differently. You can use the Alias Manger under the tools menu to do this. If you have not changed your titles at all, you may not need to worry about this.

  • Fixed: A bug caused new editions to not be created when a title has changed, which caused the upgrade procedure in 1.0.19 to miss those entries when updating the format.
  • Adds missing editions (in the case that a title changed) and tries to determine what the format of the edition is based on aliases. If the edition can't be determined, it will be marked as "Unknown"

All links to versions prior to 1.0.20 have been removed do to a bug that could cause data integrity problems when importing sales from books whose title has changed. 1.0.20 does it's best to fix those data integrity errors in existing databases, but it's really just best not to use the earlier versions at all.

Version 1.0.19

  • Added: Format filter to the reports
  • Changed: Edition Type column in detail report is now renamed to "Format"

Version 1.0.18

  • Changed: Now only requires the .Net 4.0 Client profile, which should make for a smaller download, and the download can be found in Windows Update - this should only affect new users.
  • Changed: Monthly Report charts are now line graphs instead of bar graphs
  • Changed: The default view when opening a report is now the chart view
  • Added: A currency filter for income reports
  • Added: Page buttons beneath some charts to help keep the number of entries on each chart down. All charts may get them eventually. A future build will allow setting the number of items per chart page.
  • Fixed: Centered the Total Sales Trend chart on the homepage better

Version 1.0.17

  • Fixed: Supports latest CreateSpace file format (they switched to XLS instead of CSV)

Version 1.0.16

  • Fixed: Minor issue with DriveThruFiction reports that would cause some of them to fail to import.
  • Fixed: Now handles DriveThruFiction records that don't have an ISBN or a Vendor ID by asking if you would like TrackerBox to generate a Vendor ID, or if you would like to go to and supply a Product ID for the title (which you really should do).

Version 1.0.15

  • Added: A Net Income calculator to the Import->Publisher Royalties tool. This will let you calculate your net income for hand sales to people and independant bookstores. Press the $ button next to net income to use the calculator.
  • Added: Last Year option to the home page daterange selector.
  • Fixed: Last month date range selector on the home page was not producing the right data
  • Added: report support. When you get your CSV from DTF, use the default options (except for the one that says generate CSV). You can change the date, but you can leave it alone, too.

Version 1.0.14

  • Added: A Home page that has a top ten sales chart, a top vendors chart, and a sales trend chart now appears when TrackerBox starts
  • Fixed: Double clicking a TrackerBox .bst file now actually opens the file correctly when TrackerBox starts,
  • Added: Recent Publishers menu item to the File menu
  • Fixed: Title list in the constraints bar now respects the Display Using Title Aliases setting and displays them as a single title.
  • Fixed: Typo of "Alias's"
  • Added: An Alias Manager (under the Tools menu item) that allows you to adjust your aliases if you forgot them or want to change which is the parent. Just drag them where you want them.

Version 1.0.13

  • Changed: When the "Display Using Title Aliases" checkbox is checked, appropriate rows are now combined in the reports.
  • Added: Option in Preferences to set the default setting of "Display Using Title Aliases".
  • Changed: "Display Using Title Aliases" now defaults to checked unless you change the option in Preferences

Version 1.0.12

  • Fixed: Bug that caused improper values for non US currencies for Smashwords. You should re-import your Smashwords reports.

Version 1.0.11

  • Fixed: Bug that caused Amazon reports to try to add a new edition without a valid ASIN if you had sales in France in October 2011

Version 1.0.10

  • Added: Support for latest KDP report.
  • Added: Trans. Type column to the detail report.
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to open the Detail Report more than one time. It will now activate the existing report.

Version 1.0.9

  • Added: Support for recent changes to PubIt reports

Version 1.0.8

  • Added: Option to exclude free sales from reports. This will not exclude free sales from Amazon (or any other vendor where they aggregate all sales for the month into a single data point) where the title went free in the middle of the month as Amazon only reports a total income amount for each title at each royalty rate (70%,35%). They do not break out free sales.
  • Added: Skip Always option to the Title Reconciliation dialog (when importing) which will always skip records based on the title name. Useful if you have titles from different authors in a single vendor report and you want to have a separate publisher file for each author
  • Fixed: CSV export wasn't adding the .csv extension to the file name
  • Fixed: One time exception message when opening a publisher after it's been upgraded or created
  • Fixed: Assertion when refreshing a report after sorting by a column
  • Fixed: Problem where Auto Expand Groups checkbox in preferences wasn't getting set to the correct value when the preferences window opened.
  • Fixed: Problem where it would ask you to reconcile the same title over and over if the title had changed but still had the same vendor id/isbn combination as the previous title

Version 1.0.7

  • Changed: Moved the Import menu item from the file menu to a separate Import menu
  • Added: Import->Publisher Royalties tool. This option allows you to import data from publishers royalty statements. The publishers show up as vendors in the reports, but they have a different type. Eventually, you will be able to filter based on that type
  • Added: A "Type" to an edition that lets you specify what type of book an ISBN is (Electronic, POD, Hardcover, Trade Paper, etc...). On upgrade, all records currently in the DB are set as Electronic, except for CreateSpace, which are designated as POD. If ANYONE is doing their eBooks through CreateSpace, could you please send me a copy of a "detail" report so I can see what it looks like?
  • Added: An Edition Type column in the detail report.
  • Added: Income and sales reports By Month->By Title and Vendor

Version 1.0.6

  • Added: Importing of 2008/2009 Amazon reports.

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed: Minor issue with Smashwords records not displaying correct currency.
  • Fixed: Made some changes to the Midnight theme
  • Fixed: Problem with importing ARE when 0 sales occurred for a title in a particular reporting period

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed: Amazon reports prior to May 2010
  • Fixed: Dates panel cuts off controls

Version 1.0.3

  • Added: Option in preferences to automatically expand groups when grouping by columns
  • Added: Options group to the Report view.
  • Changed: Moved "Display Using Title Alias's" to the new Options panel
  • Added: Auto Expand Groups checkbox to the new Options panel. This starts off using the default set in preferences, but can be toggled on and off without changing the default
  • Added: Importing Amazon sales reports from prior to August, 2010
  • Fixed: Import issue on some Amazon KDP reports where the no sales reported text did not match what was expected
  • Fixed: Import issue when currency strings in reports had whitespace around the currencies
  • Fixed: Version check no longer reports older version numbers as new versions (will only affect people that get test builds for whatever reason)
  • Added: Skip button to the New Title/Edition dialog. This is mostly to help prevent bad data from getting into your database when the vendor changes the report

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed: A bug with imports from smashwords files saved as xls that caused duplicate entries. If you notice you have duplicate smashwords entries, you will need to create a new publisher file and import your files again, or you can send them to me and I can fix them. (It's probably easier at this point to recreate them)
  • Fixed: Import from Smashwords file when saved as xls
  • Impoved the import speed from large data files significantly

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed: Remembers the position of the window when closing and reopening
  • Added: Summary rows to the remaining reports

Version 1.0.0

First Release!
In case you haven't seen it already, here's the feature bullet list:

  • Import sales reports from without having to manipulate them in a spreadsheet
    • Amazon KDP
    • PubIt
    • Smashwords
    • CreateSpace
    • All Romance eBooks
  • Support multiple Authors and Pen Names
  • Track sales for every title and chart your sales and income progress
  • Group and sort reports by any column
  • Apply parameters to the reports, including selecting mulitple titles, authors, and/or Vendors
  • Export reports to XLS, PDF, CSV and HTML
  • Run multiple reports and see them side by side